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Miles-Goosebumps EP

About The Goosebumps Ep

Mr. miles dept. ep goosebumps
is a combination of the Nigerian afro pop sound
and pop acoustic guitar vibe
Mr. miles said his biggest fear was having a bad song
this is the reason why he title his first ep Goosebumps to relate to his fans and letting the world hear his new sound, goosebumps

it’s a love song, he used the opportunity to send the massage of love by telling his lover how he feels about her even if he has always said he had never been in love with anybody, he said “the reason i added sunshine to my ep is because i wanted my fans to have a feel of my first song and tell me what they think about the song and my new sound which you will have a test of in the song i call READY ”

Ready is the very first song in Mr Miles new EP (goosebumps)
it’s an afro pop fusion that has a cool rythm, as he said “i was inspired to write the song ready after listening to omar lays song godly”


click on the download link to download the song

hit the play button to stream the song

Miles – Ready


Miles G-Strings(Goosebumps)


Miles Sunshine (Goosebumps)

hit link to audio mack for sunshine Download



TO Download Full Ep on Audiomack Hit the Link Below

Goosebumps by Miles: Listen on Audiomack

truth be told Mr. Miles is blessed and really talented, i can stop replaying the song ready and i bet you, you will do the same it’s a must dance song as he said “am using the song (ready) to tell my fans and the world that i was born for this too make you dance and that you can never find my type of sound i own the sound and very soon i will win the heart of music lover allover the world”
lastly G-string
the 2nd song in Mr Miles Ep (Goosebumps) for lovers of cool love song it’s a most download the song G-string is a smooth love song made with acrostic guitar.

This Tracks were produce by number one (1) kbs underground Producer Jazeez 



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