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(Mp3) Presnick Mustel ft Emidoz ”LoL”

Presnick ft Emidoz “LOL” is another banger that was released on the 2nd February 2021 as a follow up to his previous hit song, the banging record was produced by Nicenee

Lol is a mid-tempo jam with dance vibe but it sounds like a repetition of the melody on his most recent song “shade and African girl” if you an addict of Emidoz and Presnick melody then you must definitely have enjoyed this record.

Emidoz is known for titling his songs using female names, unlike other artists, maybe this is his own legacy. He could be heard sending out his shoutouts to his female fans all over the world. You can hear fans lips syncing to the song “My “Shade” My Anita, Mary Jane and so on.

On the other hand presnick mustel is a marvelous and excellent musician who have so much vibes and passion in singing and also rapping with his marvelous and remdilious voice who jus release an E.P recently titled ADDICTED go download the EP

LoL😍😊 Download

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