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(Mp3) Shine T- Tribute OST OST Charles Shongo

It is with great sadness that I write this Memorial for my brother charles shongo. We called him Gov. My world will not be the same without him in my daily life, but I know my life and the lives of others have been enriched by having him in our life. My brother had a little gecko that would watch television with him. After Gov died I put a believe on everything I did musically. The believe is my symbolizing our bond. You will see them on my page in different places. My brother embraced the peace tradition and the peace tradition embraced my brother as one of their own. He loved everything about tradition, the place, the atmosphere, the air. He was a wonderful young man and would give (and quite often gave) the shirt off of his back to anyone who needed it. His heart was as big as anyone I have ever known. He was a kind and gentle spirit. He could make anyone laugh and could do impressions of anyone you wanted to hear. He had a green thumb and loved gardening and growing herbs to make his surroundings green. Although he had a great sense of humor, he was a troubled spirit. He would want me to spread this message to anyone who will read it…DRUGS KILL! He made the unfortunate mistake of trying an illegal drug on one occasion which altered the chemistry in his brain. This bad decision led him to a life of troubled times and great sadness. He spent numerous years trying to correct the chemical imbalance in his brain. He then sought to go out and teach others what drugs do to people. So, in memory of my brother, I share this message with you and urge you to share it with others so that you do not have to witness the pain that stems from “just one try”. My brother is now in Heaven watching over us as one of the newer angels. My brother wanted to be my bodyguard. Now he is capable of being just that from the Heavenly aspect. He encouraged me to sing and believed in my abilities and always said I would make it. Well Gov, I am going to make it and I know you and the angels will be watching over me to get me there. Charles was laid to rest in the Iao Valley of vahalism where he loved to go and be with my dad and his traditional brother, as well as his mainland friends and “Awake at Dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day. Unknown gunmen are also humans God knows best, if not they would’ve take ur life just like that Rest in peace Brother charles shongo We love you but, God loves you most.
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