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Brown Richard prophesies an upcoming War in Nigeria

The founder and organiser of the WORD IMPACT PLATFORM in Port Harcourt, Mr Brown Richard has finally released certain prophecies as the spirit of God leads him.

Word Impact Platform is a group of believers coming together for worship and it’s also a base where humanity have strong affiliation or relationship with devinity concerning the issue of the universe.

This fast rising Ministry was organised and first maintained by Brown Richard the spiritual coordinator and leader.

It has its origination and location in Rivers state, Port. Harcourt, Nigeria.

on the 23rd of May, Brown Richard the head of the Word Impact Platform gave certain words of wisdom which concerns the future of the beloved Nation Nigeria.

below are the listed information sent by God through his servant Brown Richard, to the Nation.


PROPHETIC alertness CONCERNING this country (NIGERIA).

According to the Spiritual leader of the Word Impact Platform, He stated that;

• There is going to be a serious war in the country soon to come, Please, all worshipers, be ready for prayers. The main targets is our;
(1.) Schools
(2.) Churches
(3.) Markets places

We must rise in prayers, deny ourselves food and cry to God for divine intervention.

He made references Using the book of Isaiah 26:2-4, 1chronicles 7 :14.

“This is not the time to joke with, Its time to rise all bodies of Christ in prayers”

Nevertheless, Brown Richard released this prophetic message while addressing the early morning worshippers on the church premises, on sunday 23 of may at the Word Impact Assembly, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

He clarified that with serious fasting and fervent prayer of the children of Christ, then the Nation can overcome this bar baric attack by the enemies.

However, Brown is well known and commended for his accuracy in prophecies when ever given.

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